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I am currently providing in-person consultations and services in the Fox Valley area and western suburbs of Chicago. I am also available for telephone or e-mail consultations nationwide if I truly believe I can help you with your particular situation. Fees are discussed after the initial strategy session.

Please send me an e-mail or give me a call explaining the concerns you have regarding your child’s education.

I will respond within 24 hours, either by phone or e -mail, to let you know if

I feel I can help you and to outline and set up a strategy session to discuss the next steps.



Next Steps Include:

Phone or E-mail consultation with parents to obtain information about their child and provide advice

Review of Records: child’s evaluations, report cards, assessments, developmental history, current/past IEPs or Section 504 Plans

Help parents prepare for IEP or Section 504 meetings by proposing measurable goals and objectives and determining appropriate accommodations and special education related services to meet their child’s needs

Attend IEP, Section 504, and other school meetings to discuss program goals with IEP or Section 504 Teams

Act as a parent liaison in meetings between parents and the school district

Assist with procedural navigation

Maintain contact with parents to ensure goals are implemented as decided in the most recent IEP or Section 504 meeting

Help obtain requests for evaluations and file state complaints

Consult on legal options, procedures and resources regarding due process hearings and manifestation determination hearings



After reviewing your child’s records, assessing their strengths and needs and meeting with you to discuss your child’s history in greater depth, Advocate for Special Education will work with parents to prepare and strategize for IEP or Section 504 meetings. This will help to ensure that the issues presented to the IEP or Section 504 teams and school district, express your child’s needs in an effective and organized manner, necessary for obtaining appropriate services for your child.